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Start your Product Marketing Career with Alt School Africa

The tech space has come a long way from being an industry many believed was closed off and reserved for only a few programmers with genius-level IQs and god-like statuses.

Over the years, we’ve seen the tech space become even more decentralised. More people continue to build profitable careers in tech for themselves and their families. We are also now witnessing a rise in non-technical roles within the tech space.

Without giving it a lot of thought, no-code roles like Product Design, Product Management and Product Marketing easily come to mind.

These skills can be learnt at AltSchool Africa’s  School of Product. Don’t worry, we will get to that soon. In the meantime, let’s get you familiar with Product Marketing.

What is Product Marketing?

Product Marketing is a process that ensures customers and teams working on a particular product understand the unique value of the product and what sets it apart in the market.

In Product Marketing, customers’ pain points and the solution a product provides must be clearly defined and communicated through well-designed strategies and appropriate media channels. In order words, “What is the best way to tell prospective users about a product and where is the best place to tell them about it?” 

Who is a Product Marketer?

A Product Marketer is a trained professional that oversees the process of introducing a new product to the market and ensuring its overall success.

In order to successfully market a product, the product marketer tasks themselves with understanding who the product’s target users are, the problem the product solves and the best way to reach these prospects.

In a much broader sense, Product Marketers are responsible for the commercialization, branding, and positioning of a product. They conduct market research, packaging, sales team training, and plan promotional activities and events. 

Why is Product Marketing a Big Deal?

Traditional marketing processes have come a long way and may remain relevant till the end of time. However, with new technologies springing up all over the world, innovators are seeking the expertise of niche marketing professionals that truly understand the technology and how tech products work.

A Product Marketer is a professional. Having received the required training, the Product Marketer can easily draw up strategies to adequately market tech products without breaking a sweat. This is because they understand how technology works and can easily figure out the best way to communicate a product’s solution to its intended users.

One thing to note is; Product Managers are skilled at marketing both conventional and tech products as they have received training in both areas. However, traditional marketers often fail at filling the shoes of their product counterparts.

Product Marketing also must not be confused with Digital Marketing or Content Marketing.

While Digital (or Online Marketing), is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers via the internet and other forms of digital communication, Content marketing is a strategy used to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media.

Going by the above descriptions, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing are some of the tools used by a Product Marketer to ensure an effective product marketing process.

Product Marketing is for the Cool Kids 

Think about how cool it is to be responsible for the success of a product that just launched. Think about coming up with original ideas and creating unique strategies to market a tech product and hit set goals. Think about what it must feel like to walk into a room where everyone is talking about you and the magic you make, and how every marketer wants a masterclass from you.

Think about how proud you must feel about your accomplishments. You’ve done the unexpected. You’ve taken a product from the Design, Engineering and Management teams and made it a success. A huge success. You’re happy, they’re happy, your users are happy, and everyone is happy!

It goes without saying that there has never been a better time to become a Product Marketer than now. The jobs are there. The compensation is enticing. The opportunities for growth are limitless.

By becoming a Product Marketer, you also get transferable skills that allow you to function outside of tech marketing. With adequate product marketing knowledge, you can easily take on and successfully execute traditional marketing projects.

Want to become a Product Marketer? Apply to AltSchool Africa!

At AltSchool Africa’s School of Product, you can become a certified Product Marketer in just 12 months. The program’s extensive curriculum on Product Marketing equips you with the knowledge required to launch your career in tech marketing.

The program is fully-virtual, self-paced and beginner-friendly. This means you can learn from anywhere in the world. Students are also taught from the ground up so you don’t have to worry about not having prior knowledge or background in Marketing.

Ready to join the cool kids in tech?

Get started HERE

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