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Transport unions approved by the government.

The federal government has approved the registration of the Nigerian Transport Workers Union as a union based on an application.

This statement is contained in a letter provided to AATWN by the Federal Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Trade Union Services and Industrial Relations.

“I refer to your statement of April 27, 2021 under section 3 of the Trade Union Act (GAG). T14 The Nigerian Federation (LFN) Act 2014 requested the Minister of Labor and Employment to register the above organizations as trade unions.

We also inform you that the Minister of Labor and Employment has carefully considered your application and approved your registration as a trade union with the rights and privileges specified in the Trade Union Law above.

The letter states that under the Trade Unions Act, AUATWN has the legal authority to regulate the working conditions of drivers at all transportation companies using the apps.

Ibrahim Ayoade, founding general secretary and former president of the National Union of Application Professionals, said:

“This accreditation marks AUATWN as the first government-recognised electronic call union in Africa. Yes,” he said. Comrade Ayoade is talking about development.

The fight for app-based driver integration began in 2016, when Uber cut driver revenue by 40% without consultation.

So he called on drivers across the country to join a union demanding better working conditions.


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