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RTEAN urges Lagos to review transport policy

The Road Transport Employers’ Association of Nigeria has asked the Lagos state government to reverse its decision to phase out passenger cars in the northern part of the country.

RTEAN Secretary General Yusuf Adeniyi made a statement in Abuja. Kwara State and several other RTEAN branches in the northern state have been informed that the Lagos state government has suspended passenger car service in the north, Adeniya said.

He said the directive came from State Deputy Director Sai Bamigbosse, a park and garage set up by the Lagos government after RTEAN operations were suspended in Lagos State.

According to him, “the case was referred to the National Industrial Court, and the court ordered the parties concerned to maintain the status quo.”

However, at the time, the Lagos state government refused to comply with the Parks and Garage Commission’s order.

The Association (RTEAN) is now beginning to believe that the Lagos state government’s action was in violation of the court order.

The recent actions taken by the Lagos state government regarding parks and garages (blocking traffic from the north) are in themselves a measure that could disrupt public order.”

To this end, the Association calls on the Lagos State Government to immediately reverse its decision to prevent light vehicles from the northern region from entering Lagos State. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The General Secretary said that RTEAN is a union registered under the law set forth in Title 5 of Title 7 of the Union Amendment Act, Chapter T14 of the Federal Act, which allows RTEAN to operate as a union anywhere in the country, including in Lagos.

“RTEAN has been and will always be a peaceful organization operating in accordance with the law,” he said.

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