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The company introduces card payment for trains in Lagos.

Fintech Touch and Pay Technologies announced that Lagos rail passengers can use Cowry contactless cards to access the newly launched Blue Rail line.

The partnership with the Lagos state government will allow people to use Kauri maps of the proposed 13-kilometer route for the project, according to the company.

Phase 1 of the Marina-Mile-2 line will serve 200,000 passengers per day, who can now access the station via a state-of-the-art TAP hub.

In a statement, Touch and Pay Technologies co-founder and CEO Olamid Afolabi said: We have implemented NFC payment solutions on BRT buses, ferries and now trains.

Our contactless payment solutions are a huge success.

We create 21st century solutions for modern travelers.

In the past, train tickets usually worked for small cash transactions, but most e-cards won’t accept payments under $10, which has been a problem for many passengers.

“Our Cowry card, which accepts micropayments from 10 cents to $10, bridges this gap.

People can now pay for train fares digitally in a modern way without carrying large amounts of cash.

We are optimistic that more passengers will benefit from this fast and reliable technology, which has integrated transportation in Lagos for the first time.”

Michael Oluwole, co-founder and chief development officer of Touch and Pay Technologies, added:

In the past, we have hired foreign companies to solve our local transportation problems.

We are pleased to be the first local company to offer such a comprehensive solution.”



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