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Eni AdeOluwa, a brand influencer, shares 10 things he learned in 2022 that will help you in 2023. 

Eni AdeOluwa, one of Nigeria’s most innovative brand influencers at the moment, inspires people to use their skills to start businesses on social media.

Eni Adeoluwa

He recently imparted some knowledge that is worth studying and that everyone thriving in 2023 could find useful.

Read below:


10 things I learned in 2022 that could help your 2023 from a Young Person who some call Thriving.❤️

1. Don’t Give Up. Our generation can find an excuse for anything and everything!😩 To achieve anything you have to be persistent at it. Finish School. Learn that Skill. Good things don’t always come easy.

Be Humble. Be Teachable. Be Ready to Learn. People are where they are because they worked their way there. Learn from them. They’ve seen a lot of what you’re just seeing. Experience is the best Teacher and they have Experience.❤️

2. Know people and let them know you. It takes 1 person to just remember your name in that meeting and say “what of this person”

People can only mention your name when they know you. Go out to important places. Connect with the Ogas!🫱🏾‍🫲🏾
A lot of people say they can’t kiss ass. It’s not kissing ass if you’re giving honour to who honour is due. Swallow your pride, you’re not that big yet!🤌🏾

3. Calm down. Social media has a way of making you feel you’re not doing anything. LMAO! You’re 20 comparing yourself to people in their thirties. Chile!😮‍💨

Keep working and trying to break bars but don’t beat yourself up when you just started yesterday.

4. Integrity. Don’t lose YOU and your standards. Let them be able to say anything but have things they can’t say.

“I don’t like him though, but he’s good” “She’s so annoying, ah! But she won’t ever cheat” Let people be able to speak and stand for you.

5. Hardwork. There’s no way to achieve anything other than through hard work.

You can talk about the things you want to do but if you don’t get up to do them, it would just be mere talk. Stand up Baba, talk is cheap!🌚
Eni Adeoluwa

6. To have money you have to do things that bring money. Kai, laziness is bad!😭

As an influencer for example, if I want more money, I have to do the extra; write a book, sell a product, something sha. You can’t have more money without doing what brings the money and most times it requires you leaving your comfort zone!

It’s easy to say “I would be rich” but it’s not about talking, it’s about DOING.😎
Eni Adeoluwa

7. Money isn’t everything. Relationships matter. Some things you do, do them for goodwill not necessarily for money.

Help people. Sometimes brands call me for story posts, I just do it. What’s in front is bigger than what’s at the back.❤️

8. The friends you keep matter. The people around you matter. When you move in certain circles, no one needs to tell you to get your shit together.

If no one around you is inspiring you, you would have nothing to look up to!😞

9. There’s a thing called Grace. I don’t know how it works but it exists. Abeg! Pray. Let someone pray for you. Speak to the Universe like you know someone is listening.

10. Live consciously. Some days it’s just vibes. But most days get your head in order.👊🏾

Eat well. Set goals. Have priorities. Look forward to what you want to achieve each day.

An extra: people are most likely to call you what you call yourself. Burna is called African Giant cause he called himself first and his work spoke for him and then everyone flowed with it.

Call yourself that, do the work and people would catch up!✨


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