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Step-By-Step: All You Need to Know About NFT NG

Familiar with NFTs or not, there is a community willing to onboard you with the step-by-step intricacies of dealing with NFTs. The community, NFT NG, is founded by popular Nigerian NFT influencer, Kingsley Momoh.

They are a popular non-fungible token community bringing together digital creators, developers, NFT lovers, blockchain technology enthusiasts, and thought leaders,  empowering them with opportunities on a global scale. The community aims to bring NFT and blockchain technology to the attention of the mainstream audience.

Seeing as Nigerians are becoming vocal about NFTs, we cannot overemphasize the importance of communities and the foundations they set for the growing number of NFT enthusiasts in the country. For those who have no idea, an NFT community is a group of individuals who come together to support a particular NFT project or group of projects. They are formed to discuss the progression of a project, receive notifications and updates, and consult with each other.

For NFT NG, the community is more than that. It is about creating value for the Nigerian NFT ecosystem, ensuring that African or Nigerian-owned projects are featured in top trading NFT marketplaces and eventually gets featured on the top 5 NFT projects on these global NFT trading platforms.

It is about pushing and sustaining the narrative that the African NFT community are not just creative and passionate about NFTs but showcasing our collective strength in pulling off what is termed “the biggest NFT-themed event in Africa”.

The event will create a networking opportunity for NFT enthusiasts to connect with respected speakers, creatives, thought leaders and brand representatives who would be present to share innovative ideas, trends, alphas and relevant information needed to thrive within the ecosystem as well as gain a formidable partnership under a single umbrella – NFT NG.

With this initiative, NFT NG is keen on spotlighting the incredible talents and home-based experts within the Nigerian NFT space to the world. This will tip the scale of the negative stereotype that has been associated with Nigerian creatives in the worldview.

In case you were wondering, the NFT NG community is open to everyone, and has affiliations with over 20,000 people across the world. Interested participants and members of NFT NG will get exclusive passes to the event scheduled for September. Also, they will have access to branded merch, remote job opportunities, tokens and cash prizes.

Members of the community will also gain more value through collaborations, events knowledge-sharing, NFT utilities, collective projects, support, networking and membership. Ultimately, NFT NG will be rewarding members who invest in the vision of its community and remains committed to making the NFT-themed conference a huge success in Nigeria.

To learn more about NFT NG and get early passes to the biggest NFT-themed Conference in Nigeria, follow them on Instagram, and Twitter or you can track the hashtag – #TheWebThreeBuzz.

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