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Cydene Energy is set to launch a mobile app “Cydene Express’

Cydene Energy is set to launch a mobile app “Cydene Express’, targeted at helping Nigerians make efficient use of household utilities.

A software developer, Skalid Ugo Obi, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cydene Energy Services Ltd, developed the app, which will be unveiled today in Lagos.

The tech entrepreneur, in an interview with journalists on Monday, explained that Cydene Express would be useful in helping households and offices to pay for and track use of utilities.

He cited utilities the app would be used to access as electricity, cooking gas, diesel, call credit and other related bills, saying that users of the App would exploit the utilities from the comfort of their homes.

Obi said he developed the app following an industry experience he gained while working as an intern in Exxon Mobil and at the Strategy Department in Techno Oil Ltd in Lagos.

“The experience helped me immensely in understanding the Nigerian business environment and how to provide engineering solutions to some teething problems.

“At Techno Oil, I handled dealer’s agreements from station management to product allocations. I quickly realized that the process of product supply is structured in all parts of the supply chain, except to the very end user,” he stated.

Obi, who said no fewer than 10,000 people in the country had embraced the Cydene Express App,
noted that the challenge for consumers was their inability to know when and how they would track their daily needs and services as and when needed.

“I decided that if I could automate the process of purchasing and distributing energy products on a retail level, then I would have solved a huge part of the problem faced by consumers.

“I just need to distribute efficiently; maintain low margins and focus on turnover,’’ he said, stating that this was what led him to develop the App.

According to him, industry experience has also played a big role in his floating and nurturing a data science company, called Cydene Data Solutions.

He said the company provided solutions on various energy needs such as diesel supplies, cooking gas, energy tokens and other household needs.

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