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Eskimi explains how brands can drive marketing in digital era

At Eskimi CMO Masterclass forum in Lagos, brands have been exposed to the importance of digital technology to marketing.

Specifically, they urged brands in the country to focus on the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to achieve their target, while embracing programmatic solutions.

Eskimi is Nigeria’s largest programmatic platform; an ad-tech platform that enables independent brands and agencies to conduct programmatic advertising campaigns across display, native, video, etc.

Business Development Director, Eskimi, Vita Garifulina, who delivered the keynote address, stressed that startups and other budding entrepreneurs should learn from industry leaders in the telecommunications, FCMG, retail and device brands that are leveraging Eskimi’s metrics to drive marketing measurement in the areas of consumer awareness, interest, engagement and actions.
These, she said, can be achieved through access to real-time data, focus on the right KPIs and making data actionable.

Statistics-wise, Garifulina said that with an estimated population of 203.6 million as of 2021 and 50 per cent of them connected to the Internet, Nigeria’s digital marketing industry has huge potential.


According to the Statista 2021 report shared by Eskimi, Nigeria has 169.2 mobile phone connections representing about 83 per cent of the population. Forty-two per cent (42 per cent) use the Internet representing 85.49 million people, while 27 per cent of them are on social media.

Speaking on the significance of the Eskimi CMO Masterclass, Garifulina said, “Eskimi has observed trends in the market and its potentials. We thought it is important to share the data with Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and brands.

“So, the masterclass was just about learning a little bit more about marketing and digital marketing, specifically. So, as a global company, we work differently and we believe in knowledge sharing. We want the local businesses or markets to adapt the new knowledge and the experience basically and we want to localize it to a Nigerian market. And this is why we want to bring some local trends, global trends, and then also like, adapt and help marketing professionals, digital professionals; everyone who is in the space to actually grow and bring the best out of their marketing strategies.”

Managing Director, Nitro121, Lampe Omoyele, in his presentation, titled: ‘Marketing in a Digital World: The Path to Business Growth & Sustainability’, must not fail to understand the underlying keywords in the definition of marketing which he described as “The identification or anticipation and fulfilment of customer needs and/or wants profitably.

“Marketing strategy, therefore, is the matrix of mutually reinforcing actions that help to differentiate a brand in the minds of target customers and profitably meet customer needs, or create wants”.

“Marketing in the digital world implies: ‘Today’s consumer is more connected than ever, with more access to and deeper engagement with content and brands, due to the proliferation of digital devices and platforms.

“Content that was once only available to consumers via specific methods of delivery (such as via print, radio and broadcast television) can now be sourced and delivered to consumers through multiple connected devices.

“This is driving the media revolution and blurring traditional media definitions. Innovation in advertising will be critical for success.”

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