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Small loans enable entrepreneurs to start or expand micro, small and medium enterprises.

Microfinance also called “microcredit” is a way to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs access to capital. Often, small and individual businesses don’t have access to traditional financial resources from major institutions, so it is harder for them to access loans, insurance, and investments that will help grow their business.

Microfinance involves providing loans, credit, access to savings accounts even insurance policies and money transfers to the small business owner and entrepreneur.

Microfinance allows people to take on reasonable small business loans safely, and in a manner that is consistent with ethical lending practices. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, getting a traditional bank loan for your business can be challenging, Microfinancing can be a solution.

Here are some microfinance you can reach.

1 @FinatrustMfb
2 @Mkobo
3 @VFD_Mfb
4 @providencebanking
5 @addossermfb
6 @ng_baobab
7 @primera_mfb
8 @Accionmfb
9 @stallion mfb
10 @personaltrustmfb
11 @lapo_microfinance bank
12 @fairmoney_ng
13 @pecantrustmfbank
14 @zedvance
15 @shalommfb
16 @Edfinmfb
17 @firstoptionfinance
18 @npfmicrofinancebank
19 @ibilemfb
20 @Richway_mfb

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