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With a clear purpose of bringing out the true beauty of women and making them SUPERSTAR, Erica Nlewedim created STARGIRL BEAUTY to change the narrative of skincare products amidst mirages of brands. Founder of STARGIRL SKIN PRODUCTS, Erica Nlewedim As part of Ranks Africa Magazine’s mission to celebrate the founder of STARGIRL SKIN PRODUCTS, Erica Nlewedim, popularly known as STARGIRL, we…
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Dual Luxury World unveils Erica Nlewedim Brand ambassador.

Dual Luxury World, a leading company in citizenship and permanent residency programmes, has unveiled Erica Nlewedim, popularly known as Stargirl as its Brand ambassador. The Dual Luxury World brand is about providing you with a luxurious experience of freedom. The organization, in a bid to communicate this even more effectively took things a notch higher; bringing on board the Reality TV…
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